Best Sportsbooks

Best sportsbooks, sports betting sites and online bookmakers are listed on this page. If you wish to play professionally, you must create an account with several sportsbooks to get the best odds for every game you bet on. If you just like to bet for fun, you can choose basically any of the largest sites from the top of the list.


Unibet is a very fast growing booker, offering sometimes very good odds to different European events especially. Definitely add Unibet to your list if you are taking sports betting seriously.


Betsson has traditional sportsbook section and also offers poker, casino, bingo, stocks trading games etc. Good allround booker and sometimes great odds to different events. Periodical reload and welcome bonuses.


If you only had to pick one bookmaker to play for professionally, it would be Pinnacle. Wide variety of American sports as well as European. Overall Pinnacle has the best odds for every game and very high-limits – no limit restrictions for winning players either. Absolute number one for a professional. For recretional bettors Pinnacle isn’t maybe the greatest choice, because it doesn’t usually offer parlays for example. Accepts all common money transfers.


Betfair is the largest sport betting market place. Not just a booker, but also a sports exchange to lay and back bets with other bettors. Especially a lot of exchange on European major league football and a return percentage in the big leagues around 100%. The more you play the smaller the commission by Betfair. A large variety of all sorts of games. You can bring down the commission also by playing poker. Good choice if you’re into live betting too.