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If you need to contact site admin in business related topics (advertising, sales etc.), please use email address below. No article host requests, SEO offers, link placing or link exchange requests however! They will be considered as spam, because we don’t do any of them. Also read FAQ below for more information before emailing!

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This FAQ contains answers to all common questions asked. Please read this before contacting admin. FAQ will be updated frequently.

Website related questions:

Q: Who runs / owns this site?

A: This site is maintained by professional and semi-professional (online) gamblers located in Europe. Some parts of the site are produced by guest professionals, if Winner Gambling’s own team has felt that their own experience is not complete enough to deliver the best knowledge available about certain topic. One example is the Online Bingo Guide, which is written by a lady from USA, who has more than 10 years of experience from bingo industry and several years from online bingo up her sleeve. Of course Winner Gambling uses outside professionals in technical aspects of the site like web designing, programming etc. We also co-operate with a few webmasters, who have their own sites at the web by exchanging content / other type of cooperation.

Q: I’d be interested in advertising at Winner Gambling, how should I proceed?

A: Please contact admin by email. Only contact if you represent an online gaming company and would like to advertise on WG. Don’t just email admin asking to get more exposure on the site without compensation. These emails will be ignored. Also, on all our articles and information/guide pages we have a policy that they are based on true mathematical thruths and formulas and cannot be altered via advertising or any other methods.

Q: What kind of an editorial policy do you have? Are your guides and instructions possibly affected by third parties?

A: We have an editorial/publishing policy to keep our guides independent, based on the formulas and mathematical truths that we have developed/learned around gambling (publisher is the administrator of this site) along many years of professional gambling experience. Formulas and instructions are widely accepted among the gambling community.

Q: I’d be willing to buy the whole site and  domain, how should I proceed?

A: Everything is on sale for a right price, right? Contact admin by email. Non-realistic offers will be ignored.

Q: I can see that some of the content on this site is available at some other sites in the net too – has someone copied content from you, or you from them?

A: We here at Winner Gambling do co-operate with some other quality gambling site webmasters and we have acquired / given permission to use some selected contents from / to other webmasters. For example, you might find all of the casino tools and outputs from them at one other casino gaming related site in the web and online poker guide is also available in one of our companion’s web site. These contents are acquired / licensed by permission and that’s why they look exactly the same, even though normally straight copy / pasting for example some whole guide or program code is illegal. Most of this site’s content is however based on “common knowledge” – like game rules, available bonuses etc. This kind of information is available at several sources in the web, books, gambling operators’ own websites etc. so you might bump into these kinds of lists / tables elsewhere in the web too. If you however bump into Winner Gambling’s unique contents (like poker training videos etc.) / exact copies of the guide texts… somewhere in the web and think that they might have been stolen from Winner Gambling without permission, please report to admin, thank you!

Gambling related questions:

Q: I am sure that online poker / casinos / bingo is rigged – I have lost even though I have played with optimal strategies and I am a better player than my opponents.

A: If you play on sites listed at Winner Gambling you can be sure that games offered by the operator in question are based on true randomness. In poker – best players will always win in the long term, in casinos – your long term results will be based on true odds. In short / mid-term, there is a lot of luck involved in all forms of gambling. That’s why there are players who might win the WSOP championship in poker through a $5 satellite or you can hit a $5 million jackpot at the online casino slot in your first ever session. Luck and a chance gives the exciting part to the gambling and is basically why gambling is really “gambling”. There are rigged, non-random softwares available at the web too. But we are not listing those here at Winner Gambling. See more info at casino software reviews section of the site.

Q: In a casino bonus T&C it says that some games are allowed, but “low risk wagers” are not allowed. What are these “low risk wagers”?

A: Low risk wagers are simultaneous bets on winning outcomes. For example: betting simultaneously on red and black on roulette, player and banker on baccarat, pass and don’t pass on craps.

Q: I received a bonus offer to my email from a casino that I have never registered to. Is it safe to take this offer and use the download links attached in the email.

A: These are spam emails. Never ever take an offer via email from a casino you have never registered yourself to. These emails are sent by rogue affiliates and if you click the links and register, you have a great change to get your email address spammed all over the net and usually you don’t even receive the bonus promised or the casino itself is a rogue operator, not paying your winnings. Just play at casinos listed at Winner Gambling / other reputable sources.

Q: I am completely new to online gambling with real money and afraid of playing myself. Could some professional from Winner Gambling play for me?

A: Playing on other person’s account is against T&C’s of the gambling operators, so the answer is no. All of us were newbies at some point – don’t be afraid for no reason. By following the instructions available on this website, we are sure you will do just fine.