Rakeback is the fee (rake) paid back to players when playing online poker (some percentage of it) from the site offering the gaming platform. Kind of like a discount on a product. Rakebacks are seldom available when signing-up through poker site itself, so you have to sign-up through an affiliate (=Winner Gambling in this case) to receive this benefit for yourself.

In online poker the organizer (=poker site) takes its share on every pot in a form of rake. So ~98% of the money bet by the players from every pot goes back to the winner of the pot and the house gets about 2% rake (per cent depends on the stakes played) as business activity income for organizing the game and offering the gaming platform, customer support etc. This amount may seem small, but in the long run adds up to a huge amount of money. An active player pays over $5000 a month as rake to get to play poker. It’s easy to think that if you could keep even a part of that money yourself you could make a nice extra income every month.

That’s why there is rakeback available at some sites, when you sign-up through us. Some sites and networks don´t offer rakeback at all, but might have other promotions and bonuses to do basically the same thing – offering something back to players from this fee. Rakeback is usually paid once a month of all the games played in the last month. You should always take the rakeback when you’re planning to join a new gaming site, if there is one available.

Now you are familiar with the concept and you can start to explore our poker rakeback and bonuses section.