Beginners Guide To Online Casinos

Online Casino Guide

Online casino games are relaxing and fun way to spend some time every now and then for example after a hard day’s work, on a rainy day or whenever you are just feeling that you want to stay at home and have some time to clear your thoughts, relax or looking for some extra excitement. Most of you are familiar with brick and mortar casinos – the most well known gambling city in the world is of course Las Vegas, but nowadays you can find a brick & mortar casino almost everywhere in the world, slightly depending on the local laws.

But why bother driving possibly hours to a local brick & mortar casino, when you can nowadays play the exact same games even with better payouts from your own couch! Online casinos are the way to go for this purpose. In the 21st century, a huge number of new online casinos have been founded. Good estimate is that there are about 2000-3000 online casinos in the web at the moment, but most of them are just duplicates of each other and unfortunately all of them are not too reliable. On Winner Gambling, we list casinos that are well known, and safe to play at and of course player friendly offering good loyalty schemes and bonuses to loyal customers. We also have video introductions available on all popular online casino games! Check them out at our casino games section to learn everything needed to know about all popular online casino games.

The casinos that we recommend have at worst a return of 95% up to almost 100% in some games compared to slot / fruit machines averaging about 85% or so at your local tobacco shop, supermarket or bingo hall. We personally think that for example the slots at online casinos are far more interesting with their special feature spaces and special applications than those simple 1 or 5 line reel fruity slots machines at your local supermarket or pub. Other benefits of online gaming are that you don’t need to worry about someone peeping over your shoulder, and there are no queues to games. The games are also open 24/7 and you don’t have to worry about the dress code.

Screenshot of a typical online casino, showing also a big cash win.
Screenshot of a typical online casino, showing also a big cash win.

Integrity of online casinos and money movement online

All the casinos on Winner Gambling’s list of recommended online casinos are reliable for their games, meaning that they are not programmed to give the house better advantage than the odds offer mathematically. You can find other type of casinos (cheating ones) on the internet, but they have not made listing here at Winner Gambling. The listed casinos also pay even big winnings without any problems, as long as the player hasn’t given false information on himself when registering or otherwise cheated while playing.

Instructions and cautions about cheating! READ CAREFULLY!

Some things to keep in mind while playing at online casinos.

1. Don’t ever try to create multiple registrations with your own name in the same casino, or make fake registrations. You will always get caught and all your money will be suspended. You will also get a ban on all the casinos of the same group/software provider.

2. Don’t try to play the same welcome bonus twice from the same computer (same IP address), for example for you and your girlfriend, this is strictly forbidden. Instead, married couples can sometimes both play the same welcome bonus and/or on the same casino, but do check in the bonus terms and conditions before trying. Often it states “one welcome bonus per household”, therefore one member from the same household gets to play the bonus. Also in this case it is not allowed from the same IP address.

3. Don’t ever try to play so called “risk free” bets when playing with a bonus, by for example in roulette, betting both blacks and red on a same spin, or in baccarat the player and the banker. If you do this, all your deposited money will be possibly suspended. So, play fair and use your real ID, and you won’t have any problems.

Winner Gambling’s administrator team has played in over 150 online casinos and NOT ONCE we haven’t received our winnings when playing straight. So there is no need to worry at all when playing in our listed safe online casinos.

Some casinos require with the first withdraw some photocopies of ID. The most common requirement is a photo of your passport / drivers license and a photo of a recent bill to verify your address (e.g. phone bill). If these are requested, snap photos of these with your mobile or digital camera and deliver the photocopies without any whining. These is a safety procedure, and your photos will not be spread anywhere on the internet. You can smudge the last three digits of your social security number, and if you use credit card instead of neteller or moneybookers, the last three digits of your credit card safety digits.

So don’t worry and start playing – it’s fun, safe and sometimes even profitable! Remember, that you can always try out new software with play money if you are not feeling comfortable, and then make a deposit and start playing with real money.

Good Luck!