About Keno

Keno is a simple casino game requiring no skill, but depending on randomness and luck only. It is available in all major online casino softwares. The game is one of the highest house edge games at the casinos with slots and some other games having no skill aspect. House edge varies from a bit under 4% to over 30% at some softwares. Variance is also big in this game. It can produce some high payouts though in terms of bet:payout.

Keno Rules and Gameplay

The player picks 1 – 15 numbers out of 80 available numbers. Then 20 numbers are selected randomly from these 80 numbers. The more numbers that match the higher the payout.

House Edge and Optimal Strategy

There is no other strategy to Keno than to possibly choose the number of picks which have the lowest house edge if wanted.

The highest Keno return percentage online is achievable with Net Entertainment´s Jungle Keno. It has over 96% payout with almost every amount of picks selected. Other large software providers like Microgaming, Rival and Playtech offer return percentages of 92%-95% in general.


Variance of Keno is very high because of the chance to win big. The variance depends on the return table used.