Casino Software Reviews

There are several dozens of different casino softwares overall used in online casinos all over the net, but some of the softwares are unfair (games are not based on true randomness) and some are just used on very small casinos that are neither well established nor safe to play at with real money.

At this page you can find small reviews about all of the well known casino softwares used by reputable online casinos listed here at Winner Gambling. Some players prefer different softwares to others based on their own reasons, so you can’t say which software is the best or the worst. Someone may prefer e.g graphics of the software and someone else might prefer overall game speed for example. We have rated softwares on these reviews on a scale from 1 to 5 based on our own experience here at Winner Gambling. Your personal rating might be different, but we think that our rating is a good guideline if you are not familiar with the software before.

Reviews are in alphabetical order and will be fulfilled from time to time.


Boss Media is a pretty new software provider but has grown rapidly amongst online casino and poker rooms during the past few years.

Game selection is pretty good offering all well known table and card games and about 20 different slots and several video pokers. New games are introduced from time to time. Graphics are OK. Software is downloadable and connections work well. Downside of the software is game speed (if one prefers fast games). As a whole, Boss Media software is good.

Rating: 3/5


Chartwell is a medium sized software provider, which offers only flash games played through internet browser. Unfortunately maybe because of that, the software is poor. Disconnects are usual (especially in peak hours), software is VERY slow and overall graphics are below average. Game selection is average offering all the basic games. Some people consider software “streakier” than other well known softwares, but there is no evidence software being non-random. In long term, results are fair. In summary, software is better than non-random/rogue softwares, but poor amongst the well known, fair softwares.

Rating: 1/5


Cryptologic is one of the largest software providers for online casinos. This can be seen in huge game selection and good overall quality. All the usual games are included and a whopping ~100 different slots. Also several video pokers and other game variations are offered. Being large group, slots offer some very high jackpot payouts too. Biggest progressive jackpots are sized in millions of dollars. Only negative sides of the software are maybe slightly outdated graphics in table games and slow game play speed in some table games, for example blackjack.

Rating: 4/5


Gale Wind is a new software used by a few mainly sports betting sites that offer casino games too. Pinnacle and 10Bet for example. Software is flash-based and runs in a browser only. Game selection is lacking like what is typical for flash softwares, for example there are only typical video pokers available and in 1-play format, there are not many slots games available etc. but the game quality is OK in terms of graphichs, gameplay speed, connectivity etc.

Rating: 3/5


Grand Virtual is a small software group, but very well designed. Game selection is good, some games are missing like 3-card poker, but there is a very wide selection of different blackjack and video poker games available for example. Also slots are nice and there is good selection of them. Game options are customizable and game speed can be set to very fast if you wish. Only downsides of the Grand Virtual casinos are slow support (well, not exactly a software issue) and lack of an option to track wagering inside the software (if you are playing with a bonus). Payments are processed very fast too.

Rating: 4/5


Maybe the most well known casino software provider there is. Battles over the title of the best online casino software with Playtech in our opinion. General quality, graphics, game selection and other features are excellent as expected from the market leader. Usually there are well over 100 different slots available for example and several table game and video poker variations too. Several seven figure progressive jackpots are available. It´s hard to find downsides from the software – only thing that comes to our minds is that the software has so wide game selection and features that download times are sometimes long and if softwares take pretty much disk space from your hard drive.

Rating: 5/5


Net Ent is a fairly new software provider, but has gained market share pretty fast during 2007-> now being medium sized software provider. Games are browser based. Software is good and doesn’t have connection issues or such typical problems that non-downloadable softwares usually have. Game selection is typical – all the basic games are offered. Software is pretty nice looking and overall quality is good as is game speed too if you put options to fastest. If you prefer to play with browser based softwares, then Net Ent casinos are the best choice for you.

Rating: 5/5


Orbis is a small software provider, which usually is focused to “Games” section of the gambling sites, not the main casino itself. Games are non-downloadable and general quality is OK. Game selection is not very wide and therefore many casinos that offer Orbis software games also use some other software provider in most casino games. There are no errors or bugs, so nothing to really complain about, Orbis is just a typical small software with small scale game selection. Games are usually pretty slow too.

Rating: 3/5


Party Gaming software is only used at Party’s own gambling properties, but we can consider it being a large software since Party itself is such a huge gambling site. Software is overall very good. Graphics are nice, game selection is good, game play is fast and overall quality is very good. Craps is not offered though and there are “only” about two dozen different slots available, so the software is just a tiny step behind Microgaming or Playtech.

Rating: 4/5


Playtech is another giant software provider with Microgaming among online casinos. Software is very fast, has nice graphics and overall quality. Game selection is huge also. Only small negative thing is that Playtech software doesn’t necessarily mean that the casino is reputable anymore. Don’t get this wrong – about 95% of the Playtech casinos are reputable and some even top notch, but a few are not safe to deposit at. We of course try to avoid listing the worst ones at Winner Gambling.

Rating: 5/5


Random Logic is a casino software used only by group casinos. Software is average looking and pretty slow. All the basic games are available. In blackjack, software shows only hard totals (even if hand contains an ace), not soft ones at all. This might confuse some beginners. There are some big jackpots and live chat support available though.

Rating: 3/5


Real Time Gaming is a wide spread casino software used by many online casinos. However, all the RTG casinos do not have that great reputation and many of them are really not safe to deposit at. Some of these will pay the winnings, but with long delays and using excuses. Luckily there are some completely reliable RTG casinos too and they are listed on this site. Software is very fast to play and general quality is above average. Game selection is good too. Some slots players prefer RTG slots, which some of them offer so called “random jackpots” from time to time. Some RTG games are configurable by the operator, so the house edges are not always the same from one casino to the other. Of course simple games (like blackjack and other table games) always have the same rules and house edge. Overall, the software itself is good, but all the casinos using this software are not that great. Stick to RTG casinos listed at Winner Gambling’s recommended casino list, and you don’t have to worry though.

Rating: 3/5


Rival casinos are usually pretty new casinos online. The software is good though. It has OK graphics, game play is fast, all the basic games and several different slots are offered. Paytables are better than usual at some games (for example in Caribbean Stud Poker and Let It Ride). Many regular players have made some Rival casino their home. Only downsides are that you have to login to casino to see wagering requirements for different bonus offers and many bonuses don’t allow card and table games.

Rating: 4/5


Vegas Technology is formerly known as Odds On software. Software is very fast (if set in options) and graphics are nice. Game selection has widened very much lately. General quality of the games is excellent (there had been a few issues in the past, but they have been corrected). Good software, slightly behind of the two giants (Microgaming and Playtech).

Rating: 4/5


Vuetec casinos are best known from their live dealer games. They seem to have focused offering those. Software is non-downloadable, played through browser. Some of the basic games are missing, but there are some unique games that are not offered by anyone else. Several live dealer games are available. Vuetec casinos are reputable, software is typical for a no-download casino.

Rating: 2/5


Wagerworks uses non-downloadable software. Graphics, general quality of the games and game selection is as good as in the good downloadable softwares. Downside of the software is connection problems, which make game play sometimes slow. If you don’t mind that, then this software is equally good as Net Ent in our opinion – best ones of the non-downloadable softwares. There are some exclusive games in this software not available at other major softwares.

Rating: 3/5


World Gaming is a pretty small software provider used mainly by some USA supported casinos. Graphics and general quality is below average but OK. Game selection is good, but not in Video Pokers or slots. Some of the World Gaming supported casino operators are shady, but there are some reputable ones. Stick with the ones listed at Winner Gambling, and you’ll be fine (slow cash outs may occur from time to time).

Rating: 3/5

Other softwares

As said earlier, there are several other softwares available at some online casinos. These softwares include for example Futurebet, Wager21, ThrillX, B3W, G-Fed etc. These casinos however are not included at Winner Gambling’s lists, because:

A) Usually these casinos are rogue and don’t pay the players (or getting paid in time is not easy).

B) Some of these softwares are non-random and favor the casino resulting in large player loss.

There are a few softwares that casinos on Winner Gambling’s lists use. Stick to recommended casinos listed on this site, and you are safe.