Sic Bo

About Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a dice game which is available at Microgaming, Playtech, RTG, Boss Media and Grand Virtual casinos.

Sic Bo Rules and House Edge

After placing bets on the Sic Bo table, three dice are rolled. Winning bets are paid according to a paytable. Only the bets with lowest house edge are explained here. There are many other choices to bet at too.

Small/Big bet

Player places a bet on either “Small” or “Big” square. Big bet wins if the sum of the three dice is 11-17. Small bet wins if the sum of three dice is 4-10. If all three dice have the same value (eg. 3,3,3) then both bets lose. The probability to roll any triplet is 1/36. The house edge of small/big bets is therefore 1/36 = 2.78%.

Two Dies

Microgaming and Boss Media offer improved payout on Two Dies bet making it an alterative to Small/Big bets. The bet wins if two of three dice have a face value equal to the one player bet on. With payout of 6:1 this bet has the same house edge as small/big bet, 2.78%.

All other bets have higher house edge so they are not worth presenting here.

Optimal Strategy

There is no other strategy than to play the bets with smallest house edge. The two bets with smallest house edge are presented above.


The standard deviation of small/big bets is 1.00 (same as a coin flip). The standard deviation of two dices bet is 2.42. Game is often excluded from bonus wagering requirements because it is possible to bet simultaneously on opposite outcomes. See the return and variance calculator for results over playing Sic Bo.