Return and Variance Simulator

This casino game return and variance simulator lists the expected return of a bonus, chance of gain, and chance of busting. As the name implies, results are determined by random simulation. Longer simulations may cause your browser to produce a slow or unresponsive script warning.

The required inputs are deposit, bonus, wagering, bet size, simulations, and possibly unlimited bankroll. For example, 100% match bonus of 100€ with a 10x(B+D) wagering requirement, you would input a deposit and bonus of “100” and a wagering of 10×200=”2000″.

To check variance and expected return for play without bonuses, leave the bonus input at 0. “Simulations” is the number of times the bonus wagering will be simulated. A higher value increases accuracy and time taken by the simulator. Check the unlimited bankroll box to simulate a after-wager bonus or other bonus where you would redeposit until completing the wagering. Leave the box unchecked to simulate a bonus where the wagering ends, if you bust and lose your full balance. The simulator returns text outputs, as well as a graph. Standard paytables are assumed for all the games.


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