Let It Ride

About Let It Ride

Let It Ride (or Let Them Ride / Poker Pursuit in some softwares) is a table poker game played with 5 cards. The player has the option to raise his bet as more cards are turned visible.

Let It Ride Rules

Player places a bet and then the player is dealt a 3-card poker hand (like the Flop in texas hold´em for example). After seeing these first 3 cards, the player has the opportunity to raise and double his bet. After the raise, fourth card is dealt (like the Turn in texas hold´em), so 4 of the 5 cards are visible. The player then has a chance to raise again the amount of the initial bet. The final card (the River) is dealt, revealing the full 5-card poker hand. The player is paid according to the listed paytable. The lowest paying hand is a pair of 10s.

Notice that this game resembles Video poker but without the chance to discard and replace cards. That’s why the payouts for rare hands are higher than in video poker. The standard paytable for Let It Ride is:

Royal Flush 1000x
Straight Flush 200x
4 of a Kind 50x
Full House 12x
Flush 9x
Straight or Less 6x
3 of a Kind 4x
2 Pair 3x
10s or better 2x

The payout is for total stake, including raises

House Edge and Optimal Strategy

The house edge of Let It Ride is 2.85% which makes it a bad choice for bonus play. There are usually other games with lower house edge available to fulfill bonus wagering requirements.

Let It Ride strategy is pretty simple. Raise in following situations and otherwise call:

3 Cards: Raise with Paying hand or 3 to straight flush with the following conditions: no gaps (eg. 5,6,7 suited), 1 gap & high card (eg. 8,9,J suited), or 2 gaps & 2 high cards (eg. 9,J,K suited). Remember that 10 counts as a high card.

4 Cards: Raise with a Paying hand, 4 to a flush or 4 to a straight, if it either has no gaps (eg. 5,6,7,8) or 4 high cards (eg. 10,J,K,A). Exception: Do not raise on A,2,3,4 unsuited.

Let It Ride Introduction Video

Variance and Results Over Bonus Wagering Requirement

The game´s high house edge and high variance makes it a poor choice for bonus play when other games are available.The standard deviation per unit wagered of Let It Ride is 4.66. This value is similar to video poker but the higher house edge and rare high paying hands increase the chance of busting before completing wagering requirements. The following tables show the chance of gain and the risk of busting for different bet sizes when wagering through a bonus on Let It Ride. The bonus is assumed to be a typical 100% match, 100€ cashable bonus with 30 x Bonus wagering requirement.

Chance of Gain and Risk of busting

Expected value 14.50
Bet size = 1, WR 30 x B
Chance of Gain 41.00%
Risk of Bust 40.30%
Bet size = 2, WR 30 x B
Chance of Gain 37.90%
Risk of Bust 53.00%
Bet size = 5, WR 30 x B
Chance of Gain 32.20%
Risk of Bust 63.50%
Bet size = 20, WR 30 x B
Chance of Gain 20.90%
Risk of Bust 77.80%

Chance of Gain = Probability to end up with profit after completing the bonus wagering requirement
Risk of bust = Probability to lose the whole bankroll before completing the bonus wagering requirement