Casino Hold’em

About Casino Hold’em

Casino Hold’em is a casino version of currently popular poker game Texas Hold’em. As poker players know, in texas hold´em players play against each other, but in casino hold´em, players play against the house.

Casino Hold’em Rules

Player places an Ante bet and is dealt two hole cards plus three community cards (the flop). The dealer is also dealt two cards that are not shown to the player. The only choice is to either Play or Fold the hand. If player chooses to play, he places a Play bet that is 2 x Ante bet. If the player folds, he only loses the Ante bet.

If player chooses to play, then last two community cards are dealt, dealer’s hand is revealed and player wins or loses depending on whether his 5-card-hand beats dealer’s hand or not. The hand rankings are the same as in Texas Hold’em with highest card determining winner in case of a tied ranking. There is also a rule, that the dealer needs to “qualify” in order for the hands to be compared. In Casino Hold’em the dealer qualifies with a pair of fours or better. If the dealer doesn’t qualify not having at least a pair of fours, then the player wins a payout on the Ante bet and the Play bet is pushed.

In summary all the possible outcomes are as follows:

Player plays, dealer doesn’t qualify: Ante bet pays according to paytable below, Play bet pushes (is returned)

Player plays, dealer qualifies, player wins: Ante bet pays according to paytable below, Play bet pays 1:1

Player and dealer tie: All bets are returned

Playes loses the hand, Dealer qualifies: All bets lose

There are some higher payouts for the Ante bet if the Player has at least a flush, according to table below. The player has to win the hand to get the Ante payout:

Royal Flush 100x
Straight Flush 20x
4 of a Kind 10x
Full House 3x
Flush 2x
Straight or Less 1x

House Edge and Optimal Strategy

The House edge of Casino Hold’em with optimal playing strategy is 0.82%. There are no simple rules as to when to play and when to fold, because the strategy depends on all of the five cards (two player cards plus three community cards). Use the casino hold’em strategy calculator to check the correct strategy for each situation. Once you get familiar with the game, you can play most hands without checking the calculator, and playing speed increases. Some simple guidelines as a rule of thumb posted by a member of our forums are listed below. Follow these rules in basica situations (saves time not to check every typical situation using strategy tool):

You never fold:

– Any pair
– Any A high or K high
– Any flush draw or openended straight draw

You almost never fold:

– Q high (the only time is probably on a monotone board of which you have no suit)
– gutshot straightdraw

You very rarely fold:

– J high (on monotone boards even when you have 2 overs)

When the board comes with a pair, eg. 446, you never fold J-high or better and almost always fold T-high or worse, unless you have at least a gutshot to go with it

The times you do fold are paired boards mentioned above, and when you have very low cards eg. 73 that don’t connect with the board, or I middle card and one small card such as T2 that doesn’t connect. Eg. T8 is usually playable but T5 is not.

Casino Hold’em Introduction Video

Rule Variations

At Real Time Gaming (RTG) casinos the game is called Caribbean Hold’em. In this variation the ante pays 1:1 when the dealer doesn’t qualify and not according to the paytable above. The house edge is higher (1.17%) with these rules.

Variance and Results Over Bonus Wagering Requirement

The standard deviation per unit wagered at Casino Hold’em is 1.61. The value is larger than in Blackjack so you should expect larger swings when playing through a bonus with Casino Hold’em. Because Ante bet has some high payouts for rare hands, you should expect your balance to drop slightly faster until you get a high-paying hand.

Remember that you have to stake 3x the Ante bet for every hand you play. Therefore it is recommended to use a smaller ante bet size than when playing blackjack to avoid busting early on. The following tables show the chance of gain and the risk of busting for different bet sizes when wagering through a bonus on Casino Hold’em. The bonus is assumed to be a typical 100% match, 100€ cashable bonus with a 30xBonus wagering requirement.

Chance of Gain and Risk of Busting

Expected value 75.40
ANTE Bet size = 1, WR 30 x B
Chance of Gain 80.40%
Risk of Bust 3.70%
ANTE Bet size = 2, WR 30 x B
Chance of Gain 73.20%
Risk of Bust 11.40%
ANTE Bet size = 5, WR 30 x B
Chance of Gain 58.60%
Risk of Bust 34.20%
ANTE Bet size = 20, WR 30 x B
Chance of Gain 37.50%
Risk of Bust 59.60%

Chance of Gain = Probability to end up with profit after completing the bonus wagering requirement
Risk of bust = Probability to lose the whole bankroll before completing the bonus wagering requirement